This is a quick look at what’s on my desk at the moment. I decided to try out some new techniques on the allied Alaitoc detachment I’m painting for this year’s Arc40k tournament next month, as I’ve always liked the mottled blue armour from the studio colour scheme.

I’ve used a few different P3 paints for these: basecoat is Exile Blue over a black undercoat. I’ve used a bit of sponge to stipple on Cygnar Blue Base, and some Underbelly Blue (mixed with a bit of Cygnar base) to get the mottled patterning.

I picked out the edges of the armour with the same Underbelly mix, and also used it as a glaze to highlight the upper surfaces of curved armour areas. Once that was done, I glazed the whole surface with some Cygnar base to bring some more of a rich blue hue back to it.

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