These are a couple of figures from FFG’s Imperial Assault boardgame, which I’ll be trying out a first game of tomorrow. I generally don’t paint soft-plastic boardgame figures (low detail, lots of mould lines, bendy plastic parts), but decided to try getting some colour onto a couple of potential characters.

Total painting time for these two was a couple of hours. I applied some base colours on a day that, in hindsight, was far too hot for painting – the paints almost dried right on the brush. The next night, I added some highlights and details.

Mould lines were worst on Murne Rin (the blue-clad Ithorian) – the medical droid (MHD-19) was a pretty clean cast. Now that I’ve started experimenting with that style of painting, I’m enjoying trying it out more often: there’s lots of benefit from muscle-memory practice, and it’s helping me decide how to map out light and shade across a model.

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