I’m back! After what feels like years away from this blog, my Arc40k preparation is currently in full swing for 2019. And with 200 players already signed up, what a tournament it’s shaping up to be…

Arc40k? This year it's time for ORK 40k.

I’m not playing much Warhammer 40,000 outside of tournaments these days. Shorter games like Kill Team and X-Wing fit more easily into a weeknight session, and so they see more game time. So, making a good summary sheet (army list, codex rules, model stats and background) has become an important part of my Arc40k preparation each year. Here’s a quick peek at the latest version…

Screenshot of the Arc40k 2019 summary sheet being laid out using Adobe InDesign

I’m taking Waaagh! Valorkis to the tournament this year. Not, as it turns out, fielded as a 14-model Adeptus Custodes army… Instead, the Orks are being fielded as real greenskins as a new “no counts-as” rule ruled out my original plan. The horde got a hell of a lot bigger, with 56 models to paint. It’s also a fair bit bluer as well… This is a Deathskulls army, and so “lucky blue” is the colour of choice.

Painted Bonebreaka tank

I’ve scraped together some (late!) evenings to paint the new models. However, work, thesis and family have ensured that there’s seldom any time for blogging… So, if you’d like to see more WIP photos from my painting desk, I now have a regular stream of updates on Instagram – you can find me at @morsla_minis.

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