Details will be important for helping fix the scale of this terrain, so I decided to add some nail holes with a pin vice:

The dock is still going to be the largest flat area on the table, but I’m hoping I can break it up a bit with scatter terrain and some uneven, weathered painting.

Remember those offcuts from earlier? I used them on the upper surface, helping to sandwich the edges in place. It also gives the impression of a slightly thicker dock, which helps a bit… the models in the game will be multi-tonne Warjacks, and I don’t want them stomping around on a flimsy bit of balsa wood.

This is as far as I’ve gotten over the weekend. I needed to get a clearer image of just how big things will be, so I’ve used some foam offcuts to make a rough mockup of where the elevation changes happen.

Now, back to work again… I’ll keep chipping away at this one during evenings and lunchbreaks. If you have any terrain-making links bookmarked, feel free to send them my way – I’m slowly building up a library of reference images and techniques to try on this project…


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