It’s looking a little bit more like a building now. I’ve added some doors (doorknob still needed on the smaller one, though yes, I have carved out a keyhole…) and a downpipe that will eventually be connected to the roof. You can also see more detail on the windows. The flyscreen mesh has attached well: I used a bead of PVA glue around the window frame, and then tacked it in place using drops of superglue to stop the mesh from curling up. Once it was all in place, I also added some superglue to all the window frame joints.

I’m running out of bits to add to the front of the buildings now, and now have to figure out whether I try painting it in bits, or start gluing it all together. Both have their problems: painting in sections will make it tricky to match colours on different parts, whereas gluing it all together will make it a bit harder to paint.

Currently leaning towards the “screw it, just assemble the whole thing first” plan. It can’t be much trickier to paint than the 6mm Epic figures I’ve been working on, and I’d really like to see the whole street front done. Plus, now that I’ve taken off some of the backing paper the whole facade has started to warp a bit – so I think it’s time to start gluing it on to other sections.

…and then there were two…

Much quicker to make this one, as I’ve used all the same techniques learned while making the ones for the other side of the board. Now to figure out what the hell I’m going to do when building the inn…

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