For the latest update, I’ve been experimenting with different ways of doing the buildings. These two will sit on the left of the high ground piece – one house and one warehouse. I’d have made them three stories high, but ran out of foamcore…

I’ve peeled off the paper on one side of the foam core, and then carved the bricks into it. It’s a bit fiddly to do, but (like the flagstones) can easily be chipped away at, a bit at a time. When the bricks are finished I’ve pressed some texture into them with a bit of rolled up aluminium foil. This has been much, much quicker than my old technique (using a rough piece of rock) – it took about a minute to finish texturing the bricks on both buildings.

I flattened some of the bricks a bit too much before taking the photo below, and ended up carving a bit more detail into them later. Any uneven patches should be concealed under mortar, moss and other weathering when I paint it.

Lots of detailing to add, but this gives me a rough idea of what the street will look like. I’m glad that I’m only making the facades about 2″ deep, though – it means I can put more time into details without worrying about having to do another three full walls for each piece 🙂

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